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iPhoneApp: SpeechTest


Speech Test is part of a research project to find out whether there is a clear relationship between the changing average speech voice pitch of a boy and his stage in maturation during pubertal change. We know that the voice changes, often referred to as a voice 'break'; a rather unfortunate term. but we do not know the nature of the change with time during pubertal change.

This App is designed to allow the average voice pitch for speech to be measured and the result is presented as a cartoon of pubertal change from boy to man, based on a cartoon set implemented by Professor Martin Ashley of Edge Hill University.

The project team is Professor David M Howard (University of York), Professor Martin Ashley (Edge Hill University) and Professor Gary Butler (University College London). The App itself is based on a fundamental frequency analysis algorithm implemented by David M Howard and the user interface has been designed by Ben Holmes.

SpeechTest is in review

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